Mighty Clean Disposable Toilet Seat Covers (24 count)

$ 9.99

Our goal is to provide quality baby products that are easy to use and make your lives (with little ones) a little easier. No more worrying about the safety and security of your little one when you're not at home and they need to go!

Protects Your Baby from Wet and Dirty Surfaces
Mighty Clean's Disposable Toilet Seat Covers provide a sanitary two layer shield from anything that may be on the toilet seat. The pad and plastic liner helps protects against moisture and germs that can be found in public settings. It is also large enough so that they shouldn't have to touch the seat.

Design is Appealing to Boys and Girls
Boys and girls will love the bright and character-free design.

Stays in Place
The adhesive strips on the bottom of the toilet seat help keep the toilet seat cover in place, so your little one's bottom doesn't have to touch the seat, or anything that may be on the seat. Use them if you like. They are there to help!

Perfect for Use at Home or On-the-Go
Use these when you are on the go or try it at home for help with potty training. The cheery design ties into and reinforces what you are teaching them- since all kids appreciate a gold star for their efforts on the potty.

Soft and Absorbent
The toilet seat covers are soft enough so that your little one won't get bathroom shock from sitting old a cold toilet seat.