• Mighty Clean Disposable Changing Pad

Mighty Clean Disposable Changing Pad

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Protects Your Baby from Wet and Dirty Surfaces
Mighty Clean's Disposable Changing Pads provide a sanitary three layer shield from any surface that you may need to use when changing your baby. The pad helps protects against moisture and germs that can be found in public settings.
Helps Prevent Stains
Use the 18 inch x 13 inch changing pad to contain mess and prevent soiling of 
fabric or blankets. 
 Perfect for Changes at Home or On-the-Go
Our box can be opened as a dispenser for easy access to changing pads for daily use at home. Grab a couple to stash in the diaper bag as well to make changes easier when you're on the go! 

Soft and Absorbent
Safeguard your baby's skin from any liquids that may seep into the changing area.