About Us

We are just like you.

Mighty Clean was born out of the frustration of two parents with multiple children.  We found ourselves in and out of the car -- whether it be to restaurants, playdates, soccer practice, or ballet -- and we were always toting the youngest one along.  As best as we could, we tried to fit the babies into our lives.  But, it wasn't easy. 

While some stores and online retailers sold products to lighten the load, they were exorbitantly expensive.  We wanted to be able to buy little "life-savers" without breaking the bank and without having yet another item with licensed images on them.  We did not want our little babies wearing princesses or superheroes every moment of every day.  We wanted bold, wholesome primary colors, nice and easy-to-use packaging, and biodegradable (where possible!) and BPA-free product.  From this concept, we developed Mighty Clean.

Our goal is to provide products of a compelling value that are easy to use and really work.

For our kids and yours.