• Mighty Clean Disposable Multi-Use Pads
  • Mighty Clean Disposable Multi-Use Pads

Mighty Clean Disposable Multi-Use Pads

$ 7.99

Our goal is to provide quality baby products that are easy to use and make your lives (with little ones) a little easier. No more worrying about at home and they need to go!

Protects Your Little One from Wet and Dirty Surfaces
Mighty Clean's Multi-Use Pads provide a sanitary two layer shield from any surface that you might need to put it. The pad and plastic liner helps protects against moisture and germs that can be found in a public bathroom, on the floor, or on a high chair or restaurant chair.

Don't Worry About Mess
The pads also provide the added benefit of protecting your furniture and surfaces. Put one of these pads down on the couch before changing your little one or on a seat cushion before a messy meal or an arts & crafts session. These pads make cleaning-up a breeze.

Soft and Absorbent
The pads are soft enough that your little one will enjoy sitting on them, and they can be used for wiping up things as well!

Design is Appealing to Boys and Girls
Boys and girls will love the bright and character-free design.

Perfect for Use at Home or On-the-Go
Use these when you are on the go or at home when you need extra protection from mess and stains. They can serve as a burp cloth, changing pad, or car seat pad, so you should always keep a stash in your diaper bag.

Slim Package is Perfect for the Diaper Bag
These 2-packs are easy to stash in a diaper bag, stroller, or purse so that you have them when you need it most! Also, a pack of two can be left at Grandma's house.