• Mighty Clean Feeding Set

Mighty Clean Feeding Set

$ 21.99

Enjoy the convenience (and savings!) of a Mighty Clean Feeding set, which includes the On-the-Go Solutions that you need to minimize mess with your little one when you're feeding in a public setting, at a friend's house, or in any other untraditional feeding spot that you may find yourself in. 

To protect our babies and the space around them, our set includes 1 box of Disposable Baby Bibs, 1 package of Disposable Baby Placemats, and 9 small packages of Multi-Use Pads. 

Let our Bibs help you with the mess while the placemats and multi-use pads help protect your little one from nasty germs. And, the best part is that you don't have to take all that mess home with you when you're done using the products. Just dispose of them!